(Austin, MN)  —  Peanut lovers now have their own nutty spot to travel to for a weekend getaway.  The Mr. Peanut character is renting out his iconic “Nutmobile Vehicle” to overnight guests for the first time ever, as he transitions to his new home at Hormel Foods.  To mark the occasion, the iconic “Nutmobile” is now transforming into the new “INN a NUTshell” retreat.  The nutty living quarters in Minnesota is filled with plenty of Planters brand products to snack on.  The one-of-a-kind stay will only cost three-dollars-59-cents, the price of a jar of Planters peanuts.  The stay also includes a 15-hundred-dollar stipend so folks can partake in local activities and enjoy all that the land of ten-thousand lakes has to offer.