Building healthy habits to promote overall health and wellness takes time and commitment. While it takes more than 31 days to build a new habit, to get a jump-start, Mayo Clinic Health System invites people 16 or older to join the free and virtual Fall Into Wellness Challenge. This challenge will be held Oct. 1–31. 

Participants will learn about various aspects of incorporating health and wellness into daily routines, including:

  • Eating well.
  • Getting enough exercise, sleep and water.
  • Maintaining good health through prevention.
  • Eliminating stress.
  • Discovering passions.

When participants register, they will be able to download and print a calendar that outlines daily activities and provides a place to track participation. Every day, participants will earn points for getting enough sleep and exercise, drinking enough water, and completing a daily activity. Participants will receive weekly options for expanding their daily activities.