Crews continue having good success controlling the Greenwood fire in northeast Minnesota, and today (Wed) officials plan to allow seasonal property owners to return to cabins along the State Highway 1 corridor — but they must first pick up a pass at the checkpoint in Isabella.  Permanent residents were allowed to return earlier with passes, as were residents along County Highway 2.     Information Officer Stefani Spencer says the reason they’re being extra cautious is because of burned trees that are called “snags”:

“I know people are saying, well, the fire is just smouldering and creeping, why aren’t they letting us in?  It’s really just for safety reasons.  There’s a lot of snags coming down, lot of trees coming down on the road, and we’re trying to mitigate that before we get a whole lot of folks going in there.”

Spencer notes they’re still not allowing residents to return to the McDougal Lake area.