A special working group try to hammer out details of COVID bonuses for front-line workers has missed its Labor Day deadline to agree on recommendations for the legislature.  Democrats want a “meaningful” payment of 15-hundred dollars to a broad range of workers, but Stillwater Republican Senator Karin Housley says the legislature authorized 250 million dollars total:

“We’ve got 1.3 million people in the state of Minnesota that were deemed essential (workers).  If you take that and blanket it with 15-hundred dollars per person, that’s a two-billion-dollar pricetag.”

Democratic Representative Cedrick Frazier from New Hope responds:

“I’m hoping that we can get to a point where we can get past the set number of 250 (million dollars), and realize that we’ve been given a lot more money coming in from the feds, and there being more money coming in from the feds.”

Housley responds the working group can’t look into the future and say, there will be more money.