The Minnesota Medical Association is urging all Minnesota health care organizations, large and small, to require their employees be vaccinated against COVID, with limited exceptions for medical conditions or religious beliefs.  M-M-A president, Doctor Marilyn Peitso:

“This is a calling.  We go into health care to help our fellow man, and as health care workers we have a responsibility to protect our patients.”

Just before the holiday weekend, health care workers demonstrated across the street from Carris Health Clinic in Willmar, which has a vaccine mandate.  Nurse Bailie Henrickson helped organize the protest:

“All last year we were heroes, and now this year we’re being threatened to not even have a job?   Kind of a stab in the back.”

Henrickson says “this isn’t  anti-vax or anti-mask” — it’s about people having the freedom to choose whether they want the vaccine or not.