Last night (Thurs) at a public meeting at Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center in Finland, Lake County Sheriff Carey Johnson said they’ve evacuated about 90 places — and pre-notified another 40:

“Meaning that we’ve stopped to identify the places, who’s there, whether they’re vacant or not, and then told ’em that we’re just giving you a heads-up, you might be evacuated.”

Johnson says they’re working with the Forest Service to identify locations that must be evacuated:

“They will say, okay, here’s what’s happening right now.   We’re in constant communication with ’em, and they’ll say, okay, the wind switched.  We need you to get those people outa there.”

Officials say the fire has been growing at about a thousand acres a day and they’ve defined a “box” that they’ll try to keep it within:

“And that was established early on as Highway 2, which comes up this way, Highway 1 on that side, the (unintelligible) Lake and down through this area for our eastern boundary, and then the power line area on the south.   That is kind of our operational box.”