8/11/21 Entertainment News

— The Emmy Awards are heading outdoors. The Television Academy announced both the Primetime and Creative Arts shows will be head outside. Instead of being held in the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, they will be held outside at the Event Deck at L.A. Live. This marks the second year the shows have been moved outside. The academy is also trimming down the invite list, and only allowing teams of three or more to have tour tickets per nomination. This means some nominees won’t be able to attend. The academy says the moves are in response to growing concerns over the delta coronavirus. The Creative Arts Emmys awards will be held on September 11th and 12th while the 73rd Emmys are scheduled for September 19th.

— Alec Baldwin is upset about New York Governor Andrew Cuomo resigning amid sexual harassment allegations. Baldwin took to Twitter to say regardless of what one thinks of Cuomo, his decision marks a “tragic day.” This comes after New York’s attorney general released a report that found Cuomo sexually harassed eleven women. The 63-year-old actor blamed Cuomo’s decision to resign on cancel culture and party politics. Baldwin has spoken out against cancel culture in the past saying it creates more problems than it solves.

— A Hollywood screenwriter is refuting a claim that the coronavirus vaccine turns people into zombies. Akiva Goldsman co-wrote the script for the science-fiction thriller “I Am Legend,” about a cure for cancer that accidentally turns people into mutants. A recent New York Times article said a theory going around social media claims the COVID vaccine is the same shot depicted in the 2007 Will Smith movie. On Monday, Goldsman reassured people that it’s not the same shot, and tweeted, “I made that up. It’s. Not. Real.”

— The son of a Hollywood couple is facing backlash for ranting against COVID, even though his parents had it. Chet Hanks posted on Instagram he’s tired of wearing a mask, telling people to stay home if they’re worried about getting sick. His dad is Tom Hanks and his mom is Rita Wilson. Both actors tested positive just as the pandemic began. Now, their 31-year-old son is bashing the vaccine. He refuses to get it, saying it should be a choice not a requirement.

— Emmy Award-winning actress Christina Applegate has multiple sclerosis. Television host Montel Williams has been living with MS for years and has a message for Applegate.

The 49-year-old actress revealed her condition on Twitter this week. Applegate wrote that she was diagnosed a few months ago and that “It’s been a tough road.” She asked for privacy, as she moves forward. Applegate won a Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Guest Actress In a Comedy Series for “Friends.” She shot to fame as a teenager for her role as Kelly Bundy on the Fox sitcom “Married…With Children” from 1987 to 1997.

— Duane “Dog” Chapman is getting ready to say I do. The reality star announced he is getting married next month on Tuesday’s episode of the podcast “Two Guys From Hollywood.” This comes after his last wife Beth died of cancer in 2019. Chapman said he initially felt bad about wanting to be with someone after Beth. However, he said reading the bible helped him realize God doesn’t want him to be alone. He’s set to marry Francie Frane on September 2nd.

— Idris Elba is joining the cast of “Sonic the Hedgehog 2: ‘Knock, Knock.” He took to Instagram to share they he will voice the character Knuckles in the upcoming film. He will act alongside Ben Schwartz as he reprises his role as Sonic. The first movie brought in over 306-million dollars worldwide.

— Actress Christina Ricci is gearing up to have another baby. The “Addams Family” star took to her social media account to share a photo of an ultrasound. She captioned the photo saying “life keeps getting better” and tagged hairstylist Mark Hampton. He also shared photos from the ultrasound with the same caption, although they did not announce if they are having the child together. This comes after Ricci filed for divorce from film producer James Heerdegen after nearly 7 years of marriage. She filed for a restraining order against Heerdegen claiming he abused her.

— The front runner to take over hosting duties of “Jeopardy” is facing controversy. A report from Variety details allegations of pregnancy discrimination and harrassment that led to two lawsuits against Mike Richards. The lawsuits come from Richards time as executive producer of “The Price Is Right” when he allegedly fired a woman when she disclosed she was pregnant. The other lawsuit alleges Richards repeatedly harassed another woman and wrongfully terminated her as well. Both lawsuits were settled outside of court.

— The DC Comics writer who wrote a scene where Robin accepted a date with another man isn’t willing to put a label on the character’s sexuality. Meghan Fitzmartin tells Polygon the story involving Robin aka Tim Drake is about showing “sexuality is a journey.” She also notes Drake is “still figuring himself out,” and promised the story is not meant to undo the character’s long written on-and-off-again romance with Stephanie Brown, aka Spoiler. She later tweeted how thankful she was for the trust in Drake by her editors and fans. Robin’s decision to go on a date with his friend, Bernard Dowd, was revealed in the latest issue the anthology series, Batman Urban Legends. The next part of the story will not be released until Batman Urban Legends Issue Ten. DC Comics has yet to make a statement on Robin’s sexuality.