Republican Senator Scott Jensen is running for governor. At FarmFest Tuesday, he said he was energized by the response he’s receiving:

“They have a fire in their belly. They are concerned about the path they are on. They know it’s not the path they want to be on. And they are saying I’m not going to sit in the cheap seats, I am going to get involved.”

Jensen, who grew up in Sleepy Eye, says the values he learned on the farm helped him get to where he is:

“Bailing hay having a lawn mowing job, shoveling sidewalks, laying sod working at Del Monte I don’t know I think we’ve lost our way and I think it’s going to be in the lands of rocks and cows that you’re going to find your way back to the path we want to be on.”

When asked about his position on a mask mandate:

“The idea of me telling you what to do, you can make your own responsible decisions. And I say that whether we’re talking masks, or lockdowns or businesses or vaccines — you get to choose this is America.”

Jensen is hoping to get the Republican nomination to challenge Governor Walz in 2022.