A man charged with killing his two-year-old daughter and leaving her body in a ditch in rural Minnesota, then gunning down her mother in Milwaukee, has been sentenced in Wisconsin to life in prison with no chance of parole.  Circuit Judge Janet Protasiewicz:

“Mr. Higgins, you feel sorry for yourself.  I don’t feel that you feel sorry for the victims in this case.  And quite shockingly I haven’t heard you mention one word about your daughter, who’s no longer with us.”

37-year-old Dariez Higgins pleaded guilty in April to fatally shooting 24-year-old Sierra Robinson and wounding her friend at a Milwaukee apartment building where Higgins said they would find two-year-old Noelani Robinson.  But prosecutors say he’d already killed the little girl and left her body in Minnesota, where he faces charges in Steele County.