The City of North Mankato is encouraging water conservation  measures, following a letter received by the DNR notifying water suppliers and utilities the state  is in the drought warning phase.

Based upon the request from the DNR to complete water reduction strategies, the City requests residents put into action an even/odd water and irrigation plan. The following procedures are  recommended:

Residents in Lower North Mankato are encouraged to water lawns on even days. Residents in Upper North Mankato are encouraged to water lawns on odd days. Do not irrigate lawns between the hours of 10:00am and 6:00pm to reduce evaporation. Let lawns grow longer. 

Check and repair any leaks in irrigation lines, water softeners, water heaters, toilets, etc. Run full loads of laundry whenever possible. 

Run dishwashers only when full. 

The City anticipates the drought warning phase to continue until at the least the third week of  August and will notify residents when the warning phase is changed. Questions may be directed  to City Hall