The detour for the Highway 60 project between Eagle Lake and Elysian (Phase 1) will remain in place longer than expected due to drainage issues.

The (Phase 1) detour that was expected to be removed around Friday, July 23 will now be extended to around Friday, July 30, weather permitting. The detour consists of Highway 14 and Waseca County Road 3.

MnDOT has obtained an additional contractor to install edge drains at various locations to help alleviate the drainage issue to expedite the completion of construction on Phase 1 of the project.

MnDOT would like to remind people attending Madison Lake’s Paddlefish Days this weekend to be aware of potential hazards with construction equipment, barriers, and ongoing construction work on Walnut Street (Highway 60). Pedestrians are also encouraged to use the designated pedestrian access areas located on Main Street and 4th Street. Motorists traveling to Madison Lake’s Paddlefish Days this weekend can find the Phase 1 and Phase 2 detour routes online.