The family of slain Stillwater prison corrections officer Joseph Gomm has filed a wrongful death lawsuit, alleging the state didn’t respond to warnings about staff shortages and threats made by the inmate who killed Gomm.  The legislature declined to pass a bill to provide three million dollars in compensation to Gomm’s family, and this legal action comes just before the statute of limitations runs out:

“If that’s what has to happen, I’m prepared to make that fight.  I promised Joe that, if anything ever happened to him, that I would fight to get him justice, and we’re not getting it.”

Gomm’s sister, Audrey Cone, said in late May they’ve “gotten nothing but lip service from everybody.”  Senator Ron Latz said in March he was uncomfortable with the legislature compensating Gomm’s Family because it would have bypassed already-established routes, such as work-comp or even litigation:

“I just can’t think of any other precedent where this has been done.”