Did State Representative John Thompson live in Minnesota or in Wisconsin, when he was elected to the Minnesota House last November to represent a district in Saint Paul?


The question came up after Thompson was stopped in Saint Paul for driving a vehicle with no front license plates,  and presented a Wisconsin drivers license to the officer.   Even though Thompson doesn’t have a Minnesota drivers license, his driving privileges were revoked in Minnesota at the time because of a child support issue, which he said was minor and has been resolved.   In a statement issued Monday evening, Thompson said he previously lived in Wisconsin and considering moving back to care for a family member, but has lived and worked in Saint Paul for many years and will now get a Minnesota drivers license, he says “as I should have before.”


Thompson, a Democrat, is facing criticism from not only Republicans but also the head of the Minnesota D-F-L Party for saying about the traffic stop, “We’re still getting driving-while-black tickets here in this state.”  He said in the statement that he supports releasing bodycam video in which “you won’t see the officer do anything that isn’t by the book, but the issue is we need to rewrite the book.”  Thompson says it’s the same kind of “pretextual” traffic stop that led to the killing of Philando Castile and, just this April, Daunte Wright.