Emotions were running high in Olivia last night at the candlelight vigil for Ricky Torres, the man shot by an Olivia police officer on July 4th.  An estimated 50 to 60 people attended, and there were a lot of tears, a lot of anger:

“He didn’t deserve this.  This was not the person he was.  We are all here for him.  We’re all here for brother.”

Later a line of pick up trucks flying flags drove to the site during the event.

The trucks were confronted by the Torres supporters who slapped the sides of the trucks and threw water bottles.   When the police arrived to control traffic, the Torres people confronted them too, asking why they didn’t prevent the disruption.   There were no injuries or significant property damage.

The BCA says Torres, 32, had a shotgun when he was shot by Olivia Police Officer Aaron Clouse early Sunday morning.   Clouse is on administrative leave pending the results of the investigation.   Many at the candlelight vigil questioned Clouse’s version of the shooting and demanded he is charged with murder, and some called Olivia a racist community.