Senator Amy Klobuchar is advocating for the use of biofuels:

“We really have to start thinking now for the long run on bio-fuels. You know the pandemic, we’re getting through it. We did a lot of legislation that we passed to help our farmers and ranchers during that time.”

Klobuchar says biofuels are proven better than oil for the environment:

“While we’re doing things like electric cars and everything. We have to remember that bio-fuels that have actually be shown in a study in Harvard to be so much better for the environment.”

Klobuchar says they’re also offering incentives:

“Incentivizing both the car manufacturer and the refiner to do more with bio-fuels to make cars that will allow for both biofuels and we’re starting to see more hybrids and things right? And then also at the pump.”

Klobuchar says President Biden also supports the use of biofuels.