Sign-and-release warrants — prompted by the police killing of Daunte Wright — are on the list of police reforms approved by the Minnesota Legislature, the result of last minute bargaining between House Democrats and Senate Republicans.  House Speaker Melissa Hortman:

“We were going to the mat for that, and up to and including the time when that bill was being debated on the House floor, trying to close that deal with the Senate — and ultimately we were able to do that.”

To get that concession from Senate Republicans, House Democrats agreed to immediately cancel Governor Tim Walz’s COVID emergency powers — but in last-minute maneuvering early this morning (Thurs) pulled back from that, leaving Walz with a limited number of executive powers to manage COVID vaccines and testing, re-deploy state employees, and declare a health emergency if necessary.  House Republican Minority Leader Kurt Daudt (DOWT) called it a “last-ditch effort to appease a governor.”