Seven out of 14 budget state bills have either been signed by Governor Tim Walz or are headed to his desk, with three days to partial government shutdown.

Many of the remaining bills have been passed by either the House or the Senate, with votes still required in the other chamber — leaders hope without any amendments, which would slow up the process with little time left.  Two budget bills bear particular mention:  one is public safety, which appears to be pretty much wrapped up after this weekend’s agreement on police reforms.  The other is state government.  The Republican-controlled Senate  added an amendment to immediately end the governor’s COVID emergency powers, after Walz announced Friday that they’ll end August 1st:

“He didn’t want to end it August 1st either. He wanted to keep them longer and we’ve just been pressuring to end it.”

…says Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka.  Walz wasn’t immediately available to comment.

Gazelka says the budget will be finished before the July 1st deadline, avoiding partial state government shutdown:

“To *not* get done, the consequences are too big for the state of Minnesota.  Too many things wouldn’t get funded that in prior shutdowns *did* get funded.”

Gazelka says the big pieces have fallen in place and now it’s just taking care of details:

“Public safety and emergency powers are probably the two biggest things remaining, and I expect them to be solved as well.”