Lawmakers are making significant progress toward finishing the state budget — they hope before July 1st to avoid government shutdown.  Major bills, including E-12 education and health-and-human-services, are agreed on and will likely be ready for final votes either this weekend or early next week.  One notable exception is public safety, where Democrats demand many more police reforms than Republicans are willing to approve.  Governor Tim Walz said late Thursday:

“Yeah, it’s probably fair to say it’s a little bit stuck.  Folks are really passionate about this.  But I think the one thing is, is keeping a highlight on public safety.”

Senate Republican Majority Leader Paul Gazelka  said earlier this week:

“There’s at least five what we would consider police accountability measures that we would take.  There’s not many more that we would take, if any more.”

Democrats want a much longer list, sparked by the murder of George Floyd and, more recently, the police killing of Daunte Wright.