A 105-day phase-out of Governor Tim Walz’s COVID moratorium on evictions is moving forward at the Minnesota Legislature, over objections of House Republicans who want a faster “off-ramp” than in the deal their Senate colleagues made with Democrats and the governor.  Representative Eric Lucero from Dayton says many landlords are hurting so badly from unpaid rent that they’ll dump their properties on the “hot” real estate market:

“People are gonna decide to sell, and it’s gonna have an adverse impact onto the very good tenants that would like to stay in their property.”

But Richfield Democrat Michael Howard says the eviction moratorium phase-out in his bill protects not only landlords, but also renters:

“Imagine being a home health care worker making 13 dollars an hour who contracts COVID, loses two months of pay, and finds themselves in a deep hole.”

The eviction moratorium compromise is part of Republicans’ continued push for Governor Walz to totally relinquish his COVID emergency powers.

Under the bill, if a tenant has a pending request for assistance through renthelp.org or 211, they cannot be evicted for non-payment of rent until June 1st of next year.  And landlords would have to give renters 15-day notice of eviction proceedings.