Governor Tim Walz and legislative leaders have agreements on most of the state budget bills — but three of the most difficult remain, with eight days until state government shutdown.  Senate Republican Majority Leader Paul Gazelka said late Tuesday:

“Two out of three, for all intents and purposes, are done.”

Those two are state government and health-and-human-services.  The public safety funding bill reportedly remains stalemated over police reforms:

“There’s at least five what we would consider police accountability measures that we would take.  There’s not many more that we would take, if any more.”

Democrats want a much longer list, sparked by the murder of George Floyd and, more recently, the police killing of Daunte Wright.


“We don’t think right now the message is really about police accountability.   It’s helping the police keep the streets safe, and so that’s why we really would rather just wrap up right now and call it good.”

Democrats respond police reforms are necessary to regain public trust in law enforcement, particularly in urban areas.