A July 1st shutdown at Minnesota state parks will likely be averted after the state Senate passed a compromise funding bill last night (Tues) which now goes to the House and then backers hope to the governor’s desk.  Alexandria Republican Bill Ingebrigtsen:

“Those weddings that were planned over the summer in the state parks are not gonna have to be canceled.  The bottom line is, they’re gonna be open, and I know that’s very important to Minnesotans.”

Democrats say Republicans held the environment funding bill hostage until Governor Tim Walz dropped his push for measures to encourage more Minnesotans to buy electric cars.  Minneapolis Senator Patricia Torres Ray:

“A lot of the industry people — people who understand where we are headed with electric cars — came and complained about it, and say, that’s so unreasonable.”

Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka says implementing California clean-car standards in Minnesota will leave dealers with unsold electric vehicles in their lots.