Minnesota soybean growers are “kicking the tires” on another use for soybean oil.   The Minnesota Soybean Research and Promotion Council kicked off its Driving Soy campaign.  Minnesota Soybean executive director Joe Smentek says county soybean organizations from across the state are using Checkoff dollars to help promote Goodyear tires that feature soybean oil in the tread compound:

“Goodyear has committed to replacing petroleum oil with soybean oil by 2040, and one of the lines of tires they have already accomplished that (with) their law enforcement performance tires. Our county organizations will be donating a set of tires, promoting the use of soybean oil, and also helping support law enforcement.”

Smentek says soy-based tires are a win for farmers, consumers, and the environment:

“This was really exciting to me to help get rid of the uses of petroleum (because of) its impact on climate change and greenhouse gases. So anywhere we can reduce our dependence on petroleum, it’s a win.”

Goodyear currently offers four lines of soy-based tires available for purchase.