A higher education funding measure is in the first round of state budget bills the Minnesota House is expected to take up today (10am start) on day four of the special session.  It caps annual tuition increases at three-and-a-half percent in the state college and university system, increases grants to low- and middle-income families,  and ups funding for scholarship programs.  Democratic Representative Connie Bernardy from New Brighton:

“It’s a(n) excellent higher education bill, and we really are helping our students get through this pandemic and thrive afterwards.”

Bernardy says there’s also a “hunger-free campus” program, and grants to get more teachers-of-color and indigenous teachers in the classroom.  But the state college and university system receives less than half of the 120-million-dollar increase they requested.  The U-of-M gets about a 38-million-dollar bump — versus 46 million they asked for.