Top leaders from both parties estimate the Minnesota Legislature will take seven to 10 days to finish the state budget during this special session.  Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka was asked, will committees get remaining work done without leadership stepping in?

“I’m like 95 percent confident.  I think most of them will be done but, if there’s one that isn’t, then that would be only time that myself and the (House) Speaker (Melissa Hortman) with the governor would step in and say, we gotta get it done, we cannot wait.”

One high-profile sticking-point is police reform.  Gazelka says the Senate has agreed to having body cameras on conservation officers, plus at least four other measures.  But House Democrats want much more:

…”making sure that we have resources to prevent violence before it occurs, and to not have officers with lethal force responding to incidents that don’t require lethal force.”

…House Speaker Melissa Hortman.