6-14-21 Entertainment News

(Los Angeles, CA) — Kim Kardashian isn’t any closer to practicing law. During the series finale of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” the reality TV star and law student revealed she failed her second attempt at the “mini bar exam.” Kardashian is taking an alternate route to becoming a lawyer, which requires her to pass the exam before she can move forward and eventually take the regular bar. She says she’s “totally bummed” about her score of 463. It’s lower than her first failed test result of 474, and almost 100 points below what she needs to pass.

>>Meghan Markle’s Dad Sounds Off On Oprah Interview

(Undated) — The estranged father of Duchess Meghan Markle says he’ll never give up hope of reconciling with his daughter. Thomas Markle says he doesn’t understand why she won’t forgive him despite his apologies. He told 60 Minutes Australia the two haven’t spoken since she married Prince Harry. He saw the couple’s interview with Oprah Winfrey in March and thinks they were exploited. He feels the media mogul is making Harry say things he can’t take back. Markle says he’s desperate to bury the hatchet with the couple so he can be a grandfather.

>>Judge Dismisses ‘Zootopia’ Lawsuit

(Los Angeles, CA) — A judge in Los Angeles has thrown out a lawsuit filed by a screenwriter, who claimed Disney stole his ideas and turned them into the popular 2016 movie “Zootopia.” The judge officially dismissed the lawsuit last week, after nearly two weeks of looking over the evidence. Gary Goldman, who wrote the film “Total Recall,” argued he created the character ideas, concepts, and even the made-up word “Zootopia.” But, Disney says one of its animators independently came up with the word in 2012. The judge said combining the words Zoo and Utopia wasn’t “much of a creative leap.”

>>Ned Beatty Dead At 83

(Los Angeles, CA) — Veteran actor Ned Beatty is dead. Beatty got a big start to his career in the 1972 classic Deliverance, before going on to roles in Network and the 1978 version of Superman. Some of his numerous other films credits include “Charlie Wilson’s War,” “All the President’s Men,” and the voice of Lotso the bear in “Toy Story 3.” Beatty was 83-years-old.

(Undated) — American Idol alum David Archuleta is announcing that he’s part of the LGBTQIA+ community. He took to Instagram to ask the world to offer LGBTQIA+ members more compassion and understanding as they are trying to find a balance within their faith. He revealed in 2014 he came out as gay to his family, but then later thought he might be bisexual. The “crush” singer admitted to also thinking he is asexual, meaning he has no sexual desire toward anyone. Archuleta said he has spent almost 20 years trying to change himself, but explained that he now realizes God made him with a specific purpose in mind.

(Los Angeles, CA) — The new Emily Blunt thriller is back on top at the box office. “A Quiet Place — Part Two” earned nearly 12-million-dollars in its third week of release in North America. Coming in second is the new Lin-Manuel Miranda musical “In the Heights” — which made over eleven-million-bucks in its debut weekend at theaters in the U.S. and Canada. In third place is the animated family movie “Peter Rabbit 2 — The Runaway” with just over ten-million-dollars. Rounding out the Top Five are “The Conjuring — The Devil Made Me Do It” followed by “Cruella” starring Emma Stone. Studios are seeing higher earnings since theaters are reopening after a year-and-a-half of closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic.