Governor Tim Walz says he plans to work through the weekend, pushing negotiators to reach compromises on major budget bills before he calls a special session, likely Monday.  Besides actual funding numbers, a number of disputes remain over so-called “policy issues”, and the governor says to lawmakers about that:

“We are now down to the end of the wire.  You want a whole bunch of things done on this.  It isn’t gonna happen.  What we should do is finish the budget numbers, the straight budget numbers.”

Among remaining issues is Republicans’ push to cancel the governor’s COVID emergency powers.  He says:

“If the eviction moratorium ends tomorrow, there is no legal recourse for any landlord to be paid through the federal assistance fund.”

House Republican Minority Leader Kurt Daudt responds lawmakers have offered Walz numerous options that would keep federal support and vaccination efforts in place, but the governor “has refused to negotiate in good faith or offer any meaningful alternative.”