It looks as if Minnesota House and Senate negotiators are close to compromise on a budget bill to fund Minnesota’s state college and university system, plus money for the University of Minnesota.  Minnesota State would receive about a 56-million-dollar increase — less than half the 120-milllion they requested.  The U-of-M would get about a 38-million-dollar bump — versus 46 million they asked for.  House lead, New Brighton Democrat Connie Bernardy contends with the budget target lawmakers have, there’s still a “substantial amount” going to Minnesota’s colleges and universities:

“We in the House worked really, really hard to help support our students and our colleges and university and post-secondary institutions, to make sure that they can be able to keep their programs going and the opportunities for students.”

It appears the higher ed funding measure will be one of the first bills wrapped up as lawmakers try to finish the state budget by the end of the month.