Minnesotans 21 and older who’ve had at least one dose of COVID vaccine are now eligible for a free or discounted drink at participating establishments.   Governor Walz announced the “Cheers to the Vaccine” campaign today (Fri), part of his push to increase Minnesota’s vaccination rate which has lagged recently.    The governor says small businesses have stepped up throughout the pandemic, and he’s grateful to breweries, wineries and distilleries that are “now going the extra mile to help keep our state safe and end this pandemic.”

But a top political and legal analyst, Hamline University Professor David Schultz, sees potential legal risk to the state.  He argues a free drink under the state-endorsed program could put someone over the legal limit and…

“If I am a victim of a drunk driver,… not only am I gonna sue the driver… and the bar, but I might also name the State of Minnesota in this action.”

Schultz says it also could put bar owners, who must comply with state dram-shop laws, in a difficult position.  Schultz says there are also potential political repercussions.   Walz administration officials couldn’t be reached for comment.