State park passes… fishing licenses… fair and amusement park tickets — among incentives Governor Tim Walz will outline today (2pm) to encourage more Minnesotans to be vaccinated against COVID.   The governor makes the announcement at a state park, and his spokesman says 100-thousand Minnesotans who are vaccinated between Memorial Day weekend and the end of June will be eligible to choose from a wide range of incentives.  Walz has set a goal of 70 percent of Minnesotans over the age of 16 being vaccinated by July 1st.  That number is currently at about 57 percent.

State Health Department’s Kris Ehresmann indicates there’s a balance to be struck when government offers incentives:

“The incentives that are given are of enough value that it is of value to the individual, but are intended to be of small enough value that they would not be considered coercion.”

…because Ehresman says it’s important that people make their own decisions.  She says the state has given incentives to encourage people to finish therapy for tuberculosis, or to be tested during outbreaks of sexually-trasmitted diseases such as HIV and syphilis.