Mankato-Consume with confidence–the results are in, and the news is good: Mankato’s water is clearly the best choice. Mankato’s water is tested daily and meets and exceeds state and federal standards for high-quality drinking water and is in full compliance with the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act. View Mankato’s annual drinking water report.

The City of Mankato is committed to providing quality water services to the community:

  • Certified operators monitor Mankato’s Water Treatment Plant 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to ensure adequate supply and verify water quality.
  • Mankato’s water is tested daily.
  • An ultra-filtration membrane system—one of the most advanced technologies available—helps keep out bacteria and viruses.

To request a printed copy of the water report, or for more information, contact staff at 311 or 507-387-8600.