The City Center Partnership is excited to launch a request for proposals from artists, creatives, and organizations for Phase III INFUSE projects in the City Center to be completed by December 31, 2021. INFUSE is part of a larger initiative called Artists on Main Street, a partnership between Minnesota Main Street and Springboard for the Arts, with support from the Bush Foundation. The larger initiative explores the intersection of arts and culture, downtown revitalization, and historic preservation in Minnesota Main Street communities. Mankato was one of three pilot communities for the initiative and received funding for the first three years. The program now stands on its own within the City Center Partnership while considered a model for other communities to follow.


The City Center Partnership received a $4,000 grant from Minnesota Main Street for INFUSE to employ artist-led solutions to a local challenge identified by the community. The City Center Partnership has matched the grant to provide a total of $8,000 in project support. The focus of this year’s INFUSE initiative is activation of open spaces within the City Center. Proposed projects must have a significant impact and align with the City Center Partnership’s major impacts.


INFUSE projects will have four major impacts:

1. Enhanced vitality in the City Center;

2. Increased trade and traffic to the City Center through people who want to see or engage with the project;

3. Alignment and cross promotion of our region’s brand assets specifically history, agriculture, trails and biking; and

4. Promote diversity and inclusivity through artist, creative, organization, and/or the project itself.


This year INFUSE will fund large (up to $8,000) and small (up to $500) projects. Proposals are due Tuesday, July 6. Application and guidelines can be found at