Job growth continues across Minnesota but some worry the extra weekly federal unemployment benefit of 300 dollars is discouraging some from re-entering the workforce.  DEED Commissioner Steve Grove:

“No one is getting rich off of unemployment insurance, it pays half of your normal salary, and even with that 300-dollar plus up, it’s still not much and we know that the folks that are more likely to be on unemployment insurance long term are the lowest of low wage workers.”

The unemployment rate for Black Minnesotans was 8.9% in April, down from 9.0% in March and up from 4.3% one year ago. The Latinx unemployment rate was 7.7% in April, holding steady from March, and up from 4.4% one year ago. White Minnesotans were at 5.6% in April, down from 5.9% in March, and up from 3.5% one year ago.