Minnesota House Speaker, Democrat Melissa Hortman says between state (1.2 billion) and federal COVID relief (1.3 billion) dollars, E-12 education will get over a two-and-a-half-billion dollar increase in the budget deal legislative leaders and the governor announced Monday:

“…really significant investments in education.  When you combine the state funding with the federal funding for E-12, it is an historic opportunity to make an incredible difference.”

But the Education Minnesota teachers union says although the budget deal may protect schools and forestall layoffs, it doesn’t solve long-term education funding problems and relies heavily on one-time federal money.  Union President Denise Specht (SPECK) says, “The way to break this two-year cycle of budget drama is to finally change the tax code so the richest Minnesotans and the biggest corporations pay their fair share for the schools and other services working families need.”