The Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources is asking the legislature to pass a measure that would provide around five-and-a-half million dollars to support  soil health in the state. Headlining the program would be grants to ease the cost and risk of planting cover crops. Tom Griebel farms near Pipestone and says the use of cover crops has given a boost to his bottom line, one of many reasons he supports the practice.

“To also help improve the soil health, and also keep nutrients such as nitrates out of the water system.”

Griebel urges his fellow farmers to try cover crops themselves

“A little bit at a time, multiple years is the best. That’s what I’ve been doing. Every year I’ve increased it and it’s been great.”

Earlier this week members of the BWSR told lawmakers the biggest barrier to implementing cover crops remains the start-up costs faced by growers.

Griebel described the cover crops that have worked for him.

“Winter wheat and winter rye, planted that last fall, after the beans were harvested. That will be terminated for livestock feed end of may first part of June. and then I will be planting teff grass.”