Key players are admitting the Minnesota Legislature probably will *not* finish its work by next Monday’s midnight deadline. Governor Tim Walz:

“I think as a minimum, certainly by Monday we should have a clear understanding of where our principles are around the budget.”

Senate Republican Majority Leader Paul Gazelka says:

“It’s the policy issues that could make it go longer.”

…specifically, Democrats wanting police reform, and Republicans demanding the governor relinquish his COVID emergency powers.  House Democratic Majority Leader Ryan Winkler says there’s also, how to use billions of dollars in federal COVID aid:

“I think it will take that amount of time to get to an agreement if we’re looking at a June 14th special session.”

“I’m not seeing the sort of urgency and desire… to want to get things done — myself excluded.  I think it’s very important that we get done on time.”

…says House Republican Minority Leader Kurt Daudt.