President Biden says from May 24th through July 4th, Uber and Lyft will offer everyone free rides to and from vaccination sites:

“I think that is really stepping up:  both Uber and Lyft, free rides, to — they’ll wait — and from, they’ll take you back home.”

The president made today’s (Tues) announcement at a virtual meeting with six governors, including Tim Walz — who told the president:

“I’ll be at the Saint Paul Saints opener, a Twins affiliate, and we’re giving vaccinations to folks coming through the gate as they come there.   They know that a vaccinated Saints fan is someone in the seats.”

The president had high praise for efforts of the governors, including Walz:

“Tim, you’ve been a stand-up guy and going out and just reaching out to every place you can.”

Republicans say with vaccination progress the president is lauding, it’s time for Walz to give up his COVID emergency powers so Minnesota can fully re-open.