State Representative Greg Davids says Minnesota has the okay from Washington to put “American Rescue” dollars toward tax relief  for businesses and individuals hurt by COVID —  but the Preston Republican says Democrats are holding out for tax increases on wealthy Minnesotans and large corporations:

“We’re not gonna do the tax increases, so it’s very unfortunate that we wasted this whole session for something that they knew wasn’t going to happen.”

House Tax Committee Chairman, Dilworth Democrat Paul Marquart responds there are still unanswered questions, plus he won’t move a bill forward without helping *all* businesses hurt by COVID:

“And if you’re only doing the Paycheck Protection Program (tax exemption) conformity (with the federal government), you are leaving more businesses than not behind, and not being helped.”

Marquart acknowledges they “certainly can move things forward” without a top-bracket tax increase — but that decision would be made by legislative leaders and the governor.