Lawmakers heard from both sides today (Tues) as Democrats and Republicans wrangle over employee leave and sick-time proposals in a major state budget bill.  Randy Ulseth, C-E-O of Welia Health in Mora, opposes mandatory paid leave for essential workers:

“Just missed the cutoff threshold to qualify for federal financial assistance.  I  have estimated that the 80 hours of retroactive benefit going back to March of 2020 will cost my organization over half-a-million dollars.”

But Daniel Swenson-Klatt, owner of Butter Bakery Cafe in Minneapolis, supports a related provision to give employees earned sick and safe time.  Swenson-Klatt says his business having it, provides staff with security and a sense of investment:

“We grew as a business and, over the years, that two- to three-percent increase in payroll was a return far greater.”

Negotiations continue with under two weeks remaining in the legislative session.