An influential state Senate Republican, Bill Ingebrigtsen from Alexandria, threatened Tuesday there will be no budget for state parks and environmental programs after July 1st, unless the Walz administration drops its plans for new “clean cars” emission standards.  The governor’s response:

“The idea that you would shut down government, shut down funding, because we’re doing what 15 other states and most of the rest of the world has already done doesn’t really make any sense to me.”

Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka later softened the demand, saying Republicans don’t want  “clean cars” emission standards implemented, but are willing to wait two years to see what the industry does:

“If you already see manufacturers moving towards electric cars, why force people into them before they want ’em?”

The legislature and governor have less than two weeks to agree on the budget before the May 17th adjournment deadline, or a special session will be necessary.