A hearing about last fall’s pause of youth sports called into question the decision-making of the Walz Administration surrounding COVID-19 guidelines. State Senator Michelle Benson referenced an email between an outside consultant and state officials suggesting they explicitly tie youth sports to the potential spread of COVID-19 in long-term care settings. Benson says such a blatant “messaging email” indicates a backward approach to policy-making.

“There is data. And then there’s a decision. And then there is communication. Not, we need a message, go find me the data that matches it.”

Health Commissioner Jan Malcolm stood behind the decision with regards to sports, indicating the case data will not always be a driving factor.

“It isn’t always only about knowing that you had a case. It is about the transmission risks in the environment, are just inherent in that environment.”

The hearing was held after the activist group “Let them Play MN” updated a lawsuit against the Walz administration accusing them of having little to no data to justify a pause on youth sports last fall.