Some Democrats joined Republicans this afternoon (Mon) as the GOP-controlled Minnesota Senate passed a resolution (42-to-23) calling for removal of union leaders — that after National Guard members were forced to leave a staging area at the Saint Paul Labor Center last week because some union members were harassing them. Edina Democrat Melisa Franzen calls the Senate’s action divisive, saying to Republican Majority Leader Paul Gazelka:

“Using your own words, stop lighting the powder keg with your rhetoric and inaction.”

Gazelka responded, in his area there’s great respect for the National Guard — but “what I see around here, it shocks me”:

“15 hundred buildings, Minneapolis burning, and everybody’s wringing their hands:   What do we do? What do we do?… Kept going on and on and on. When the National Guard came in full force Saturday, that’s when we got control.”