This year’s Minnesota Farm Bureau Federation leadership conference will cross the border into South Dakota. The bureau’s annual LEAP Conference will be held in Sioux Falls on July 16th and 17th. Rachael Peterson with M-F-B says the move comes as part of a joint effort with the South Dakota Farm Bureau.

“That’s giving us a great opportunity to add to our conference and have some different activities and speakers that we wouldn’t normally have if we were just doing it on our own.”

Peterson says planning for the dual event started in 2019. The conference is designed as a networking opportunity for farmers along with educational workshops and discussions. More info available at FBMN.ORG.

Peterson says the LEAP event is great for anyone working in agriculture.

“We really like this event because of the networking that you get out of it. Along with all of the great educational pieces that we have with it. It’s a great opportunity for our members to get together. We’re really looking forward to those networking opportunities this year and getting to do something that feels a little bit more normal.”