Some Mankato residents were not happy with Governor Walz as they protested at Mankato West High School before and during his state of the state address. Businessman Scott Weilage says:

“I find it ironic he’s coming back to Mankato West at the same time he’s really putting so much pressure and unfair stress on students, teachers, faculty, facility managers.”

The group was demanding the governor’s emergency powers be limited to 30 days… the state re-open 100 percent, including businesses and in-person learning in schools… mask mandates end for students and athletes… and a large number of COVID deaths in nursing homes be investigated.

Weilage also says big-box stores are doing fine, but the governor’s regulations have squashed small businesses, particularly bars and restaurants:

“There’s a joke going around: the Businessperson of the Year Award goes to Governor Walz, but it’s being presented by Sioux Falls.”