The Democrat-controlled Minnesota House last night (Thurs) passed a bill that would require employers to allow workers at least one hour of earned “sick and safe time” for every 30 hours worked, up to a minimum of 48 hours per year.   Bill sponsor, Duluth Democrat Liz Olson says over 900-thousand Minnesotans don’t have such a benefit at work:

“That just seems inhumane, given the pandemic we’re in, that people can’t take a day off to recover from an illness or take care of a loved one — and not only that but for the public health of all of us, to be able to stay home when you’re sick.”

Willmar Republican Dave Baker says “sick and safe time” is not a bad idea — but not when businesses still aren’t fully open:

“We should not be passing bills to put more pressure on these businesses when they’re already crippled from a year that has been like none other.”

Republicans say people won’t have jobs if government mandates drive their employers out of business.