The debate over public safety funding for the Derek Chauvin trial has re-ignited at the Minnesota Legislature after Democratic House Speaker Melissa Hortman accused Republicans of no longer having an appetite for the bill. Republicans tried again today to bring up their version of the bill, Deputy Minority Leader Anne Neu Brindley saying they’re willing to put up the votes:

“Since the D-F-L seems unwilling or unable to cobble together the 68 votes that we actually need to fund law enforcement, we’ll do it. We are happy to do that.   In fact, it is our priority.”

An influential group of Democrats in the Minnesota House say police reforms must be in the bill, to avoid a repeat of misconduct that led to the deaths of George Floyd and other people of color in Minnesota. And House Majority Leader Ryan Winkler said late last week that funding “is not urgent in this moment” because mutual-aid agreements between law enforcement agencies are now in place.