Hearings this week in the Minnesota House on tax increase proposals spotlight stark differences between Democrats and Republicans.   D-F-Lers say the wealthiest Minnesotans must pay their fair share so that the state can help those hurt by the pandemic and also make key investments for the future. House Majority Leader Ryan Winkler:

“We do know that there are Minnesotans in great need and that the pandemic has hurt some people much more than others.”

Governor Tim Walz in his revised budget proposal last week dropped his push for a tax hike on cigarettes, large estates and corporations, but a tax increase on top-income Minnesotans remains in his plan:

“He still wants to raise taxes.   Can you believe that?   When you think about all of the billions and billions of dollars coming in from the federal government and our 1.6-billion-dollar surplus, he still wants to raise taxes.”

Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka says Republicans are not going to raise taxes.