Republicans made a concerted attempt Thursday to cancel Governor Tim Walz’s COVID emergency powers, passing a resolution in the state Senate over the Democratic minority’s objections:

Elbow Lake Republican Torrey Westrom:   “If not now, when should the emergency powers end?”

Maplewood Democrat Chuck Wiger:   “The emergency power provision should end when the pandemic has ended.”

But in the House, the Democratic majority stood with the governor:

House Democratic Majority Leader Ryan Winkler:   “We will have 69 votes against this motion again today, as we will every day, as long as you continue to bring it forward.”

House Republican Minority Leader Kurt Daudt:   “You heard it right here from the party bosses: 69 of you better vote ‘no’….   But my bosses aren’t my party — it’s my constituents.”

Earlier this week, Governor Walz extended his COVID emergency powers another 30 days.