House Democrats are moving ahead with their 100-plus-million-dollar plan to fund summer school programs in Minnesota, while Republicans in the House try to get a vote this week on a competing proposal.   Minneapolis Democrat and Education Finance Committee Chairman Jim Davnie says about that:

“If the House GOP wants to help get summer school funding and support across the line quickly, as the governor has asked, probably the best thing they could do is call the Senate GOP and get them moving.”

House Republicans are stressing in-person learning, and their renewed push for early learning scholarships will likely face objections from Democrats, who generally favor pre-K programs instead. Governor Tim Walz has asked the legislature to move quickly so schools have enough time to prepare for summer classes.

Davnie says about Republicans’ wanting an immediate vote on the House floor:

“As the DFL majority, we want to take a responsible approach towards the legislation that we move… I need to know that this bill has been fully vetted.”

Davnie says he expects a vote on Democrats’ proposal early next week in the Minnesota House.