Fines from drivers who don’t obey school bus stop arms would be used to install cameras on school buses to catch stop-arm violators — that under a bill moving forward in the Minnesota House. Jean Souliere, C-E-O of technology company BusPatrol told lawmakers:

“There are many buses in rural areas that would never issue enough tickets to get the technology, so the core thought and the underlying principle here is safety, and making sure that 100 percent of the buses get this technology.”

Some lawmakers question whether the courts could rule stop-arm cameras unconstitutional, similar to “photo cop”. Representative Cal Bahr from East Bethel:

“I’m not opposed to the idea of making our kids safe–… don’t misconstrue that — but I do want to try and avoid as many future court challenges as possible before we spend a lot of money and then have to go tear it all back out again.”

That issue will likely be closely examined in the bill’s next committee stop.