Tougher penalties and no parole for the attempted first-degree murder of an officer, judge, prosecutor, or corrections officer — under a bill moving toward a vote in the full Minnesota Senate after clearing a key committee Wednesday. Waseca Officer Arik Matson told lawmakers, every day since he was shot in the head by a suspect over a year ago, “I find out new stuff that I can’t do anymore, such as walking on my own or walking really any distance.”   Matson’s wife, Megan, said:

“There’s never gonna be enough justice, but this is at least a start. These criminals need to be held accountable and not have an option for parole.”

Committee Chair Warren Limmer said to Matson and his wife:

“Many of us will be praying for your continued recovery, and we thank you again for your service.”

The bill also increases penalties for those inflicting great bodily harm on an officer, judge, prosecutor or corrections officer.